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Home Automation will warm up the feel of your home. Whether it is just for fun, a party, or the holidays, nothing adds more ambiance than great music and lighting control! Mr Amp can design and install a Home Automation system for any budget. The best brands of Home Automation Products will make your system the best around!

Home Automation

What goes into designing the perfect smart home automation system?

Well, a lot, since the dynamics that these systems possess and display are quite mind-boggling for the uninitiated. Creating the perfect smart house design involves painstakingly taking into account each and every component of the system, and how they would interact with each other. With these systems in place, you would be able to execute seemingly magical tasks like controlling the lights from the palm of your hand or turning the music up to distribute it evenly.

Home control systems are designed to perform a wide variety of tasks, and thus, using the very best and most compatible home automation products is absolutely important. A controller or a hub unit is one of the first components that you’d need. These units act as the nerve centre for the entire network of components and can be linked to your smartphone or PC.

Once the question of the hub is out of the way, it’s time to connect the spokes, which in this case, are the various components like lights, audio equipment, locks, etc. Home lighting control systems involve a network of lights and illuminants that are connected to one another, and to the central control unit. One can effectively control these lights from their smartphone and can program them to behave in a particular manner like adjusting their shades, temperatures, etc. thereby modulating the ambiance as well. These can help turn the lights into a central party piece, and Mr Amp would make sure that you get to enjoy the best illumination experience there is.

Once the lights are in place, the next significant addition that one can make to their whole home automation systems is the attachment of audio equipment. A fabulous audio system is one that covers a wide area, delivers exquisite sound quality, and breathes life into any party or event. These systems are connected to the central hub as well and can be easily controlled remotely or programmed to behave in a certain manner. An outstanding smart house design is one where these systems come to form a concoction of immersive living experiences, and Mr Amp is perfectly suited to bring these to life.

We are known for providing the best home automation products and solutions there are, and our expert team would maintain the highest degree of professionalism while advising and guiding you regarding what would be best for you and your residence.

Custom Design and Installation

We have over 15 years experience in the Home Automation Design and Installation industry. Mr Amp will listen to your needs and design the perfect system just for you. Simple and easy to use Home Automation is our specialty. Call us Today!

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Our level of Experience, excellent brands and detail oriented designers and installers make the difference to provide you with a great Home Automation System. Multi Room Audio, Lighting Control, Thermostat Control, Fireplaces, Water Features, Pool Control, Video Systems and Home Theaters should all be fun and easy to use. Let us help you get the most out of your home.

Singing in the shower, Romance in the bedroom, Dancing in the kitchen or Rocking out in the garage... Whatever your style, Mr Amp can install the best Whole House Sound System for your budget!


A smart home automation system is a network of interconnected devices like lights, speakers, etc. that come together to execute various functionalities. These can either be programmed to operate automatically or through direct commands or gestures. These systems are pretty elaborate when it comes to their installation, and Mr Amp is more than capable to do it in the best possible manner so that you get nothing but the best.

Home automation products come in all shapes and sizes, and the exact products that would be required depend largely on your requirements. The highly trained and professional technicians would guide you regarding the products that should be used to get the best possible results.

A home automation system can be used to encompass several systems like entertainment, security, etc. An entertainment home automation system would include lights, music systems, etc., and a central controller would be used to establish a connection between these components. The hub can either be automated or controlled manually.

Just like other media playing systems, you can stream music on these systems from your tablets and smartphones, and a wide variety of music streaming applications like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. can be used to play music as well. A major benefit of these systems lies in the fact that they can be used to stream music from a guest’s device as well.

Lights help boost the appeal of your place immensely, and when it’s automated, the fun just increases. You can control their brightness levels, the shade of the light, and their timings as well. This will help you save time and effort, and with variable shades, you can create a wide variety of moods that suits you and your purpose the best. All these can be done manually or automatically, and when coupled with the speakers, the experience would be truly phenomenal.

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