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Looking for a Home Theater?

A Home Theater will be a highlight of your home. Whether it is just for fun, a party, or the holidays, nothing adds more ambiance than a great movie and lighting control in your very own Home Theater! Everyone gathers for Movie Night in a Professional Home Theater with all of the features of the Cinema. Mr Amp can design and install a Home Theater system for any budget. The best brands of Home Electronics will make your system the best around!

Home Theater

How is a great home theatre system crafted?

There’s no single correct method of crafting such a system as each one of them needs to be custom-made as requirements vary from one location to another, and the specific requirements may vary as well. There are several components that go into crafting the appropriate home theatre system and assembling them to deliver the perfect audio-visual experience calls for supreme levels of experience and professionalism, and that is something that Mr Amp possesses.

If you are looking to create a home surround sound system, one of the first things that you would need is a surge protector. These are used to protect the components from sudden current fluctuations, thereby protecting them from damage. Once this is installed, the speakers are the next part of the puzzle, and trust us when we say this, there is a mammoth variety of speakers that you can choose from. Our professional technicians would help you pick the right set so that you can enjoy the best audio quality possible. The display is extremely important to make the overall setup an appealing one, and the size and resolution of the screen would depend greatly on the home theater room design. Everything from an OLED display to LCDs and other specifications of displays can be used as well. The final core component of the best home theater system would be the receiver.

All the aforementioned components go into forming the best budget home theater system. If you are looking to get one built for yourself, you can count on Mr Amp to do the job exponentially well. Everything from the home theater room layout to the speakers and everything in between would be taken care of by us so that you get to experience only the best there is.

Custom Design and Installation

We have over 15 years experience in the Home Theater Design and Installation industry. Mr Amp will listen to your needs and design the perfect system just for you. Simple and easy to use Home Theater is our specialty. Call us Today!

Why use Mr Amp?

Our level of Experience, excellent brands and detail oriented designers and installers make the difference to provide you with a great Home Theater System. Multi Room Audio, Lighting Control, Thermostat Control, Fireplaces, Water Features, Pool Control, Video Systems and Home Theaters should all be fun and easy to use. Let us help you get the most out of your home.

Action Movies, Fight Nights, Romantic Comedies or even documentaries... Whatever your style, Mr Amp can install the best Home Theater System for your budget!


All of us love visiting the movie hall to watch movies and other shows. A home theatre system is just that, just at a domestic level. In this case, you can watch your favourite movies at home, and enjoy an immersive experience that would rival full-size theaters.

To craft the best home theatre system, there are several factors one must watch out for, besides the components being used. A rectangle room is always preferred. Another aspect one must keep an eye out for is the amount of external line present since darker environments are always preferable.

To create the perfect home surround sound system, a good-quality display and a superb set of speakers are absolutely necessary. Mr Amp’s expert crew would help you select the right ones for you. These components should be compatible with each other, and the installation process would be undertaken by our technicians.

Home theatre systems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and these can be customized to fit specific budgets. By getting in touch with Mr Amp, you would be gaining access to our expert and experienced crew of technicians who would understand your needs, and create a system that would fit your budget.

Unlike movie theaters, a home theater can be used for a wide variety of applications. You can use these for streaming live matches or play games, watch TV, undertake karaoke sessions, watch the latest movies, etc. You can share this outstanding experience with your guests as well, such is the nature of home theater systems.

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