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If you are installing new appliances or remodelling your house, it would require some repair and installation of new switches or plugs. Mr Amp assists in wiring a switch for your house's electrical remodelling. We are experts in handling electrical outlet wiring to bring to you reliable electrical assistance and suggestions.

Our experienced technicians can offer efficient electrical switch wiring or electrical plug wiring for some new electrical additions to the household. We ensure that households are installed with appropriate electrical receptacles that can ensure that the household is safe. We offer efficient electrical outlet wiring and services for homes. We make sure that your electrical solutions are flexible and safe and offer reliable power delivery.

Plugs and Switches

There can be instances when a particular plug or light in your home is not working or giving a hard time functioning properly, it is the right time for repairs or remodelling. Mr Amp helps you in changing light switch and other outlets with their efficient technical assistance. Having malfunctioning outlets and switches can be dangerous as they pose severe threats of electric shock or fire hazards.

Our efficient technicians can access the existing electric outlets and suggest and assist with functional electrical switch wiring and installation of newer electrical addiction. A standard household electrical outlet will consist of two three-pronged polarized receptacles and each receptacle has a 120 volts hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground. An experienced technician is capable to make the right connection and fixes for an electrical plug wiring. Mr Amp has years of experience in offering the best solutions for electrical wiring for safe and efficient lighting and electrical usage.

Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters Installations

GFCI outlets are used for protection from an electrical ground fault. It protects humans from fatal electric shocks and so is a must in the home electrical outlet wiring. Mr Amp brings to your home electric wiring solutions for a safe and efficient system. We cater to the electrical requirements of a household and help in wiring a switch, changing light switch, or installing electrical switch wiring.

You can ensure the safe outlet of electricity by incorporating the GFCI outlets in your home electrical system to prevent electric shocks because of the built-in safety features of the GFCI outlet. Contact Mr Amp for your home’s electrical suggestions and avail the experience and expertise of our technician for a systematic and structured electrical system and wiring.

Plugs & Switches

Why Choose Us?

Trained Professionals

Our Technicians are skilled in troubleshooting and diagnosing your Electrical Panel, Electrical Wiring and Circuit Breakers. Mr Amp has years of experience and the right tools to get your home 100% the first time! We offer FREE ESTIMATES and we GUARANTEE our work!

We service ALL BRANDS, new or old. Square D, Cutler Hammer, Eaton, General Electric, Siemens and more. We will provide options so your Electrical Panels, Breakers, Whole House Surge Protection will always be the best it can be.

Licensed and Insured

We are LICENSED and INSURED so you know you are hiring the best Electricians! You can count on Mr Amp to have you covered and to always provide a professional product in your home. Give us a try and we guarantee that you will be happy with our Electrical Work!

Whether you need help with electrical plug wiring or wiring a switch or you need a whole house wiring. Mr Amp will help you decide the best location, Plug type, Switch or Dimmer to fit your needs.

Some locations are hard to get to and Mr Amp is ready and willing to get your job done and done right! You can trust Mr Amp with all of your Electrical Plugs and Switch needs.

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